There is something beautiful about new beginnings.

Weddings, Births, Birthdays, New Romance, New School, New Job, New House.

These are major landmarks in most peoples lives, soaked with memory, pride and destinction.

And yet, the collective perception (and my own untill recently) was that it left life that was inbetween, kind of empty.

And so in an attept to explain it all, and figure out how to have more joy in my life, I embarked on my own Happiness Bootcamp.

It was kind of funny. Because in trying to be happier, I actually made a lot of things in my life worse!

I was looking for these high moments, and creating such low ones as a result too! (ALL of my unlooked shadows came and created a scary monster for me!)

What I learned is… There are always more new beginnings. There is a beginning of a new week. But also, when I’ve looked at my life, it runs in different circles than a week or month.

I have a 122 day cycle. Three seasons in the year. This one started Feb 7th. It’s ending on June 8th, which is 122 days later. My first chunk of Mexico this year (October to Jan) was also 122 days, and the lives I lead in those two times (in the same house, in the same town) were just phenomenally different. Each time I decided to book both flights based my intuition, and the universe made it abundantly (like 200$ cheeper) that it was time to go on THIS day. 🙂 So cool.

It’s this being in sync that I love!! I love it!

Yesterday I went into town to run errands, and the paper store was closed when I got into town, so I went about my business, and it was JUST open when I got back on my way out of town. It’s a celebration!!! To love and trust and know that all the timing will work out along the way.

To know that our dreams, or something better is on the way.
To delight in every moment of every day. Knowing that hte more we play, the faster the work goes on under the surface, and everything becomes aligned.

It’s delicious to see the ease with which everything can be created, when you STAY, FULLY (okay, 98% of the time). PRESENT. Here. Enjoying the puppies, the babies, the temper tantrums. The not knowing what’s going on. All of it.

The best part. Is that when you learn to love all of that. It either changes to what you wanted it to be. OR YOU DONT CARE! And you see life as perfect exactly the way it is.

If you’re a person who likes changes (and I am). Then people leave, new ones come in, and you recognize the same heart in them.  The same heart that every single person who is reading this has. These are the star families. These are the soul heart songs.  These are the desirerers of a new reality. These are delicious and uncompromizing people. These are people who insist on creaitng their own reality their own way. Who do what they want in the face of authority, because we are so clear and on purpose in our smoking pot, or our growing, or protesting, or loving, or letting our kids play naked in public, or with other peoples things(illusion!!). Breaking the rules, but more importantly the social norms.

We are the way changers. We are the business people who swear! We swear by our hearts, and our courage, we swear by the deliciousness of life!!

Our dream. That anyone who desires this, achieves this. We are here to assist, to guide, to be a loving mother, and an adventurous father, along the way. To give you the support you maybe lacked. To share with you our insights and learnings. To teach you how to REALLY listen, to others, and more importantly to yourself.

It’s beautiful. It’s the Evolving Humanity – Happy Life Project.

We offer two versions.

In our home, or in yours!

See we’re traveling types by nature, and so we love to travel. We’re also warm weather types by nature. So we live in Mexico.

There is something enchanting and delicious about travel. To be in a new local, with all new people. To be able to re-invent yourself every single day. To tell a new story of who you are, every day!

This is the gift that Mexico (and travel, and networking events) have brought me. To re-invent myself with every person I meet.

Not to put on one face for one person, and change masks for another. But to really and truly exhchange core essences with the other, to both come away as seperate, more unique and more OURSELVES person.

Each of these soul family cary a peice of your soul, and activation of your own unique devinity. It’s these soul peices that we accept from our brothers. Something they NO LONGER DESIRE FOR THEMSELVES, that we willingly and beautifully accept as our hearts longing (because with the divineness of the divine, we do!) Or we both amplify our own traits. Bella brings out my beauty, as I bring out her own. I share with her who she is and what her mission is, and she does the same.

To change your life, you don’t need a book, or a tape or a cd, or yoga or meditation. You need to LOOK at your life, SEE what is working, and where it’s not working substitute play. That’s it.


If it sucks, make a game out of it./ remember the clean up game iwth kids? if you sing a song, it makes it more fun.

Upset about something??

Let it out!

The more fully you feel something, the less times you’ll need to feel it. Cry a nd then move on. Hold it in, and be afraid until you let it go.
Simple Simple.

I have a couple simple rules for life. It’s awesome! Here we go:

  1. You are 100% responsible for your life.
  2. If all that’s wrong with it is the guilt, loose the guilt
  3. Let it Be.
  4. Upset about something? Let it out as soon as it’s safe.
  5. Play more Games.
  6. Spend more time in nature with kids and dogs.
  7. You are your own God. You decide whether you are inheaven or hell.
  8. Never appologize unless you plan on changing.
  9. Travel – Everything you cherish should fit in a suitcase (excluding other people of course, you can cherish them all you want)
  10. The system is for people who like it. If you don’t like it, don’t particpate.
  11. Cut out anything you don’t like seeing. Add in more of what you do love.
  12. Live someplace that suits your ideal life.
  13. Love, yourself more than anything else, your family more than that, and your earth, as the heart blood of it all.

That’s all 13 for now folks! Trust it was inspiring and beautiful. I rest now, and bask in my own delicious feeling for having birthed my own new paradigm again (this is why I write).  Please share this on Facebook, or twitter, if you like those things, or forward the email along.  You can invite a friend to sign up by sending them to the page  If you dig the message, pass it on  🙂 Thanks!

If you’re interested in retreats please shoot me an email reply, and I’ll send you more information. We’re booking in homes for Canada as far east as winnipeg, and north western US for this summer. And then our home in Mexico for Fall 2012 (the big awesome new way days! a great time to have some extra love and support around with all the energy that will be flowing super fast!)

Much love!

I help you be comfortable being yourself in your soulful purpose. And live on the edge of your comfort zone, how to walk the ballance.  I provide the love and support you crave, and the creative and playful soultions you can’t see on your own.