To simply BE is Enough.

To simply be is enough.  Our existence is just. It is justified by it’s very being.  The earth, the planet the universe as a whole is made more beautiful by your being here.  Right now.  In your joy, in your sorrow, in whatever space you may be.  Each of these spaces is valid, beautiful and whole.  Is holy.  Is your perfect space to be.  Is you, and beautiful as you be.

We find stress, created in the mind, worried about the mechanics and enough-ness of each moment, am I working hard enough, am I leveraging my time.  Indeed you are doing exactly what needs to be done. The hurry, the haste, the worry, the waste (in not being present) is the only thing that causes these things to create themselves again and again.  Slow down, look at the flowers, open your eyes, exit your head,  be present instead.  It is beautiful, you are whole.
Remember the power of patience, remember that mountains in their beauty were not formed overnight, remember that flowers in their growth, know and understand the time and place to blossom and grow.

Know that a seed doesn’t grow in winter. A seed of a dream, also waits for the warm love of your heartspace to grow in.  So, create a beautiful spring of life in your heart, create a sacred garden of love in your home, so that your seeds of dreams can indeed flourish.  Be patient, and know.

Your responsibility every moment, is to keep your garden fertile, to clear the weeds of the mind, to notice and to drop thoughts that don’t serve you.  To find the space of love and harmony that does serve your blossoming dreams.  To be in harmony.  Dreaming beautiful dreams, feeling that lfve is heaven.  If it is not, watch for the thoughts that are creating it so.  Life is heaven, let go of the thoughts that keep you in a mindFULL of hell.  Be free of those thoughts.  Open your eyes, feel the wind on your skin.  KNOW heaven through your senses and your soul in each moment.  Embrace this life you are in!

This is the grand transformation.  This is the gift of being human on earth, to walk each day as a child, to open our eyes and giggle at the wonder of the universe.  To approach our mind and our worries with curiosity, to open our eyes! To see the beauty in each moment, to see the power in each thought.  To know our own power in the game of life.  To know our own peace in our hearts.


Be still, be silent, be present, be love, be free.

You are all of this, when you CHOOSE to be.

So choose it more often my dears my dears!

Choose a life of laughter, amusement and tears.

Tears there will be, of joy and of sadness,

As you let go and make space for gladness.  🙂


Bring awareness moment by moment, week by week.  Untill the fire burns so bright, you cant help but speak, from this place of forgiveness, of laughter of joy, from this place where you live, as a little girl or boy, caught in heaven, living happy and well.  It is your if you claim it.  So DO! and then tell! All around you will see it, all around you will see, all around you will reflect what is within you, as you be.  🙂


Be bright my friend, and show yourself the way.  Be bright my friend, and celebrate every day!

That you are alive, that your heart is beating, that the grass grows, and the trees speak, that children still play, and knock parents off their feet.  Get down on the grass, and roll around today, be greatful it’s summer, and be greatful each day.