VAHS Immersion Weekend

Frustrated about making lasting changes in your life?? Overwhelmed by stress?? Tired of “working” on yourself to feel better??

Most of the “work” that needs to be done is actually in your subconscious, which is why it’s so hard to make changes stick!

Bypass your conscious mind and experience first hand how easy it is to make lasting change in your life.

When the mind settles down, the body settles down and automatically goes into a state of self repair as it releases stress. When our stresses are addressed, we have the opportunity to relax, to be natural and true, and to simply be ourselves (not our stress!).

This technology combines Sound Activation, immersion in a strong Coherent Field, and Energized Hexagonal water to empower massive positive change within the individual.

Watch an Intro Video on Youtube

The following opportunities are available this week:

Group Sessions – A Taster of the Technology – October 14th and 15th 7-9pm

what you can expect… We’ll do a group voice sample, experience our “balancing program” for about 35 minutes, and then share water.  Time will be provided to relax, mingle and discuss our experiences.

Cost $20, Bring friends, family, anyone who might benefit from reduced stress in their life! Also bring a blanket and pillow for your comfort during the session.

After a group session, if you book a private session, your $20 group fee goes towards your private session.

Private Sessions – The Complete package –  By appointment October 14-17th call Elena at 403-719-5206

Fully personalized experience, a very powerful way to bring your intent to reality.  We take a personal voice sample, and immerse ourselves in the experience. You will receive your “tuned” Water and empowerment CD, so that you can continue your experience over the next month at home.

Cost $150 – Be prepared for real change!

Couple Harmonization Sessions – By sharing this experience, you jointly commit to opening your relationships to new levels of awesomeness.  Watch as your love revitalizes and expands!

Cost $150 – includes “tuned” Water and empowerment CD

Group Session Saturday – based on interest and demand.

What Others are Saying:

When the session was completed (all told about 45 min.) I had and have a much deeper connection with my self. Something deep inside settled and softened, allowing me to feel a deep sense of completion and peace. – Susan Olds AB

I can live life the easy way or hard way…  After doing a VAHS session, I let go and life began to happen the way I wanted it to hapen.. VAHS makes sure I stay out of my own way and let the beauty unfurl…Before I felt I was waiting for something to happen in my life. Now that waiting feeling is gone, because it’s all here.  – Crystal Summerland BC

Wow, peace finally!!! I was curious about this new technology, and was surprised about what it did for me and how simple it was, just sitting there listening and feeling sounds resonating through my ears and body.  It took me inside to a place of grace, of deep meditation, a place of balance that was surprisingly unfamiliar and naturally so wonderful. Ahhh being in the moment.  During the following days after the initial treatment I continued listening to the personalized CD and drinking the water and again, it took me deeper into this place of centeredness and strength, and of course sometimes along the way, there was some dissonance I had to deal with.  Anger and frustrations did come and I just kept listening and doing my best at letting go and everytime I did listen again once more, it helped me find peace I’ve been yearning for, so easily.  It’s never been this easy over all these years with various treatments, not even in meditation.  Let me repeat this, it’s NEVER been this easy!!! I’ve done this the hard way too and honestly there’s just so much I can handle. I’m so happy this has come into my life and brought much lightness back into my life, thank you!!!  What beautiful discovery. – Stephanie Calgary


All Events will be hosted by Elena H. in her home which is near Heritage Train Station.

Contact for directions/details.

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