What I’m doing Now! – Websites for People who Change the World

Hey all, It’s been a long time!  Over the last month, I’ve made a few really amazing decisions in my life, and been rewarded so tremendously for finally MAKING A FREAKING DECISION.  So many times in my life I’ve hesitated from making a decision because I didn’t want to commit to one thing or the other.

Over the last year I’ve dabbled in almost anything Holistic, from Protection Cubes, to Drum Circles, I made a deck of “New Story” cards, and pushed around the idea of doing Pregnancy Personal Growth Counciling.  By January I had decided on just two of those things, Happiness Bootcamp, and my design business.  I can do both! I said.


Wrong.  So while I noticed that the design business was doing well while I ignored it.  Happiness Bootcamp was floundering while I devoted all my non baby time to it.

Over and over, I would give my schpeal about HBC (happiness bootcamp), and add at the end “and I do design too”.  And time after time people would ask me about my design work.

I saw that people were strugging with how to get their message out to the world, and that my favorite part of all those projects I’d dabbled in over the last year, was making the design for them.  Hmmmm… Sometimes it’s so hard to see the pattern in our own lives.

So I had to ask myself a tough question.  Can I take the easy path?

Not such a tough quesiton you may say, but … Historically, I’ve avoided the easy path like the plauge..

So, after some debate, I said, “Let’s try something differnt, Let’s go the easy way”  (AND realizing that because I was choosing ONE of two now, did not mean that I was writing off Happiness Bootcamp forever.  I know very much that our paths will cross again in the future in a magnificient and tremendous way.  Waiting was not yet filled.  To quote my favorite Robert Heinlien)

SO.. What am I doing now?

I’m designing images and websites for people who change the world!   All over the place I meet people who have had life changing experiences, have a brilliant idea, and are stuck.  They don’t know how to share it.   So I do what I do.  which is translate it, through pictures, into something that can be understood, and comprehended instantly.

Beautiful, simple, communication through pictures, the perfect combination of words, and the internet.  How much better could it get?


Through this work I’ve been blessed to meet some of the most amazing women (and a few men), who are on a mission to share themselves with the world in a BIG way!  So here’s to each of them! For having the courage to share their hearts.

I wish you success and fun in your life and whatever mission you are on!



PS. Click here to Check out the new website,

it’s freaking sexy! I’m super proud of it.. and the next one will be even better, the next one always is.. hehe