When we listen from the inside out.. When we listen to the heart that beats inside our chest…

When we listen from the inside out.. When we listen to the heart that beats inside our chest.

When we listen explicitly to the inner wisdom, the beauty, the knowing, the power of the divine that is inside of us.

We create.

As I am doing now, as I have been doing. As YOU have been doing.

The awareness of it, is where the joy comes in..

In the space that we create where we can observe the beauty of our own creation. We are 100% responsible for our own lives. We CAN, have and will, find 100% joy for all our creations.


We will find ourselves crying on the bathroom floor, and smile inside or outside, at the passion of it. Our most beautiful life is created here in each momment.


I was speaking to a man yesterday who said “Well, I’ll just tough it out for the next year or so, working 12-16 hour days, and 4 jobs, and then after that year is done, then I can relax” It rankled at me, and made me frustrated, that he could not see the illusion of tomorrow that was pulling him. I feel that lots of people, including myself have fallen under this illusion of “work now, for reward later” I am proud to say that I am know successfully living for now, while rewarding myself now, while also creating a beautiful future.

it was on earth I knew joy

it was on earth I knew joy

See I don’t beleive you can get to a beautiful future by worrying. I know from my experience, it doesn’t work. So the better I feel in any given moment, the better my future will turn out.


People have called me self centered, people have called me hedonistic. I don’t care. My life is more delicious to me than anything anyone else has ever presented to me, and I dig it. 🙂

I love for every single person I meet to feel as inspired by their own life. To realize that every moment they are alive is completely of their choosing, and that it’s beautiful in how it serves.

Sometimes it’s “negative” and then serves as a reminder. A reminder to be present, to love, to be at peace with the moment. And each and every moment is true, is beautiful, is whole and it’s own. And so you too feel true, beautiful and whole. And what else have I wanted but that. What else do any of us desire but that. (and a new bikini! to show off the hot bod I’m finally proud of!! lol)

I Love you!

With inspiration and Bliss!!


Elena & Family.

Alexander DeGreat  Family Magic

Alexander DeGreat Family Magic