When you live from your heart, you CAN’T regret it later!

So this solstice I gave myself a unique and amazing gift.  I gave myself permission to follow my heart, and to not beat myself up about what my heart wanted.

If you have a history of beating yourself up for your decisions, or a history of indecision for fear of choosing “wrong”, I highly recommend giving yourself this gift!

and what I realized after praciting this for a while, is that when I love what I’m doing in the moment, and I’m tottally there, and I’ve given myself permission to tell that little voice in my head that says “you SHOULD really be doing something else”  to F off. 

When I’m living from that place of heart connected-ness, I don’t beat myself up at the time, and I don’t beat myself up later. 

This is a new and very exciting phenomena.

Historically I would sit around for like 2 weeks deciding if something was the “right” course of action.  Weighing my wants, with the wants of everyone else who might possibly be effected (you know, right down to the cat of the lady who lives across the street, will she be sad if I’m not there to pet her goodnight if I stay at my friends house tonight)  And then if I found out that the cat was infact sad that I wasn’t there… I MUST have made the wrong decision.  ohhh… woe is me.. (I’m not kidding)

In a co-creative relationship (which is what I am aiming for in all my relationships), I am 100% responsible for my creations, and the other person is 100% responsible for their creations.  Which means that as long as I feel 100% great about what I’m doing, I’m unshakable. 

Honestly it felt a bit heartless at first because I was so used to taking OTHER peoples hearts into consideration.  But the most heartless thing we can do is ignore our OWN heart, because it’s the only one we can actually hear or do anything about! 

Am I worth being true to? You bet!  

Love, Light, n Abundance,

may you never thirst.

Elena H

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