I Will Completely Change Your Relationship With Sugar

Hi, I'm Elena Harder and I've helped dozens of people improve their relationship to sugar and remove the daily battle with "will power" with just a few simple tweaks to their subconscious programs. And I can do the same for you.  Click the button below to book a by donation mini-coaching session with me.  

In this 30 minute power session we will reprogram your relationship with sugar so that you can:

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    Crave less & be in control of how much you eat.
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    Release yourself permanently from the "urge to binge"
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    Be able to say "no" without feeling like you're limiting yourself
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    Get back to a healthier ballance
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    Stop filling the void with sugar.

What People are Saying

Tanya  Ivkovich

I have not been craving as many sweets...

I noticed that I have not been craving as many sweets and that when I did allow myself to indulge a little - it was only a little and I was quite satisfied! I am feeling overall better about myself and ensuring that I find at least 5 mins to give myself some loving energy!

Bethany  Janelle 

I don't require sugar to be satisfied anymore...

I approached Elena to help with food cravings because sugar has been that one thing I've always had a problem with my whole life. Overindulging and always feeling the need to eat something sweet after meals to feel satisfied. She helped me by driving deep into my past and helping me to recover old memories I had forgotten about. The result is that I'm finding out I don't require sugar to be satisfied anymore, and I'm not reaching for the sweet foods in my cupboard as often. When I do eat something sweet now, it tastes even sweeter.

I found the experience definitely helped. Even these energy bars I used to eat all the time I'm finding that I don't feel like eating them anymore. I highlight of working together was that Elena is so gentle and makes you feel relaxed. I feel like the urges aren't there anymore, nowhere near what it was before, it's been very helpful! Thank you!  I would recommend this service to people who are ready to make a change in their life, or let go of unwanted habits.