What to Expect

I had heard that you were good, somewhere along the way a time or two… But I had not expected it to be perfect the first time round! wow!! ”  – Crystal Babcook


My moto is that design should be “easy, gorgeous and FUN!”

Evolving Humanity by Design, is a small design firm that specializes in working with conscious entrepreneurs. We tend to work a LOT with Women who work with group coaching, mentorship, and community building, who can see, feel and touch the energy of the universe, and know how to wield it in their business.

I LOVE that you want to make a huge difference in the world, and I want working with me to be as empowering and phenomenal as possible!  I want you to rave to your friends, how much fun you had working with me!

Each project I take on is an example of what is possible when passion meets passion, and when each member of the team (client and designer) is allowed to use their genius fully.


Here’s how a typical project goes from start to finish.


You hear about me from a friend who worked with me and said I was amazing!  You check out my website like what you see, and fill in my Contact Form.  

We arrange a free half hour “Birth your Brand Consultation” where we discuss:

  • What you want to achieve in your business
  • What would be your BEST website
  • What’s not working in your website/marketing right now (if you have one)
  • How we can make your website an amazing expression of yourself
  • How to help you reach your goals for your business and your site!

We Decide to Work Together. (1 hour Skype) Gathering the Jewels:

  • You talk about what you do, while I take notes to write  content and create graphics.
  • I collect all the passwords I need, guide you through choosing a domain name if needed, and gather any other information I need.
  • Deposit received.


Creation/Elation and Design (1 week later)

  • You Working on Content/Running your business/chilling on the beach… Me Designing…
  • One week later is the “Unveiling of Beauty!”  I send you an email saying “check out this mockup” and you go, whoa, that’s freaking perfect and beautiful!

Testing and Troubleshooting (1 week)

  • I take the design and make it happen real & live on your site.
  • You provide feedback, and any minor changes that need to be made.


  • We go LIVE with your site!
  • We make sure you know you how to use your site and add/change content, or arrange a care package

Then you run around showing off your beautiful new website, smiling your face off, super proud!

And tell other people they want to work with me!
rinse, lather, repeat… awesome

Does it sound like we are a match made in heaven and you’re Ready to Get Started?  
Fill out the form on the contact page.


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