You're a visionary...

a brave soul, leading the way...

You healer, leader, teacher, mystic, sensual savant, GODdess, and hero!

You love what you do, you’re amazing at it, and you change peoples lives. You know having a strong online presence is important, BUT when you open up your website your eyes glaze over.

We’re going to make it easy for you to be PROUD of what you do, and stay in your strong suit.

Every project we take on is like putting yourself through a mini marketing course, gorgeous design, and confidence building 101 for your newest self in your business. 

The clients that benefit most from me have these in common.

  •  They KNOW what they are here to do in this life time
  • They’ve been working for a while in their field and are leaders of change
  •  They’re ready to launch a new version of that gift into the world and really put themselves out there in a new way
  • They know that web presence is important, but it’s not their strong suit
  • They are looking for someone to work hand in hand with them to create easy solution
  • They like to get things done, and do well with deadlines, and short turn around (I hate to wait and so do you)
  • Constantly designing and launching new programs/workshops and products

 Additionally, when you work with me you’ll get:

  • Love Letters
  • Pre-Design Energy Clearning
  • Proud and Confident in the newest most authentic version of your life’s work
  • Feeling increased energy, vitality and excitement for life
  • Relaxation and de-stress!

What makes Evolving Humanity by Design different then the other guys??

  • Steeped in the New Age movement, Christ Consciousness Shift and Tantra worlds. We get your language and also speak tech/wordpress-ese.
  • Extra Love and Admiration with every design
  • Short turn around. I like to have most projects done in a week or less.
  • Business Coaching, and marketing direction are a given, if I have an impulse for something that could serve you.
  • Intuitive design, creating the perfect images you want with very little initial input, and the first time around.
  • Helping you to create more joy and ease in each of your business practices
  • Fees, Timing, Availability
    We like to work in 1 week increments, keeping most projects into small chunks. This allows us to be available on short notice, and with ease for everyone. If you’re ready or almost ready to design something, please contact us, or if you want some more information Check out our list of services and pricing

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