Wicked Web Wednesdays

Hey Beautifuls!!

If you’re in business and you have a website, often it gets neglected..

  • You’re not willing to call your designer for a little thing like _________
  • You’ve been procrastinating at updating your site because…
  • The last time you opened your site you spend 5 hours alternating between swearing at it and crying..

It’s not your fault..

Often us holistic practitioners are just too heart centered to interact with our technology in a way that really works for us.

So what if you could…

  • Turn your website work into a sacred spiritual practice.
  • Experience the ease and grace that can happen when you ask for help
  • Create new projects, and ideas with a core mastermind group that rocks
  • Ask your new friends for advice on your business
  • Have the help of a webmaster/design goddess to create whatever it is you’ve been sitting on for far too long
  • Support others with your knowledge, and gain expert status among our group.
  • Get that _______ project launched, underway, and moving NOW instead of never.. (you procrastinator you… )


What can we work on?

Photoshop, WordPress, Email Managment, Cpanel, Email autoresponders, mailchimp/Aweber autoresponders, campaigns, ebooks, digital products


What will it look like??

In this intimate group setting, we will spend 4 hours masterminding, creating beautiful pages, offers and invitations, automate follow up, and make you look like a rock star. All while grooving out to wicked tunes, as well as introduce the concept of sacred business.

At the beginning of each event I will take 30 minutes to introduce the concept of sacred web work, hold a starting ceremony, and introduce you to what it means to have a sacred and loving relationship with your computer and website. (yes it’s possible)

Then we will dive into whatever it is you need help with. I will be available to trouble shoot, provide creative input and create little graphics for you, if that’s what you need in this moment.  You’ll all arrive with a plan in mind of what it is you want to work on, and 4 hours later you’ll walk out with it done, planned, and birthed into creation. If you get stuck (emotionally, energetically, or in the nitty gritty of the web world) I will gently and lovingly guide you back to calm, center, and flow.

Normally a design consult, troubleshooting and creation session like this for a one on one client would cost upwards of $250.

However, because we’re doing it in group setting (which is actually MORE awesome because you get to ask the group!) the cost is $97 for drop in, or $75 a month for a 4 month commitment (which also includes follow up/homework email question/month for support).  This is really designed to support you to actually work on your business/web presence every month and come back every month and move you forward on what it is you are creating.

So what have people created in 4 hours??

  • 4 new brilliant and relevant blog posts, so you’re connecting with your audience bi weekly in a meaningful way for the next 8 weeks!!
  • Copy and design for a new landing page for a product you’ve been thinking about for months now.
  • A new business card, that makes you grin from ear to ear when you think about handing it out.
  • A solid business plan for moving forward with your ideas.
  • New friends who are ready and willing to support you in your business.
  • A joint venture project, complete with sign up emails, opt in graphics.
  • A new autoresponder campaign that makes people who sign up to your list go WOW she really cares about ME!
  • A copy upgrade to your existing brochures or website.
  • New confidence in your ability to navigate and edit your own site.
  • A new video for your homepage (from writing to recorded and uploaded by the time you leave)


What if I don’t complete my project in the time allotted?

Well, you’ll be a lot closer than you were when you started! If you need my assistance moving forward, I’m happy to continue our work one on one. Or you can work on it on your own from home. Wicked Web Wednesday Members get 1 free follow up email from me on their projects, so you can ask for help 2 weeks from now when you have time to work on your project.

Will I get time to work with you personally?

Yes! This is a shared group workspace, and everyone is aloted time. I keep the group size small (4-5 people) so that everyone gets a dedicated 30 minutes with me to create whatever it is they need to create. As well, you are free to ask the other highly skilled and conscious business owners who will be in the room for help as well!

How do I even do _______?? Do you have the technology??

I have a video camera, tripod, external microphone, video editing software, photoshop, TONS of templates for ebooks, opt in pages, brochures, wordpress experience, premium plugins and themes (that you would normally pay $$$$ for individually, and then not even know how to set up on your own.. 🙁 .. but it’s all good with my help!)

What kind of website do I need to have?  What if I don’t have a wordpress site?

We work with wordpress sites.  If your site is built on another platform, you can still attend and work to write new copy/create graphics, but I may not be able to help you troubleshoot your website backend if I’m not familiar with it.

What if I don’t know what I want to work on next?

Then this maybe isn’t the group for you. I can defintely consult on what would be best for your business moving forward during this time, but this group is designed to help un-procrastinate you in whatever it is you KNOW you should be working on, but keep on putting off.

Can I try it out before committing to 4 months??

Of COURSE!! Come to your first group as drop in member, and the extra $22 ($97 drop in minus $75/month for the membership) will be credited towards your total for the membership ($300 total) Which is a smoking good deal for what you’ll be getting out of it!! (Momentum, help, a positive outlook and an amazing support group)


If you’re ready to create some momentum towards your goals, ready to get out of your own way when it comes to your website, how you feel about your marketing, and are REALLY ready to share your soul based business from a place of power and confidence you are SO in the right place.

The next Wicked Web Wednesday is the second wednesday of every month.

So the next one is Wednesday September 11th (yup, lol) From 12 -4pm at a location in South Calgary.

Registration is limited to only 5 people so that everyone gets personalized time.

Click here to reserve your space at this event.

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September Special!!! Bring a friend and they pay $75.. Bring two friends and the third friend comes for only $50.  (100+75+50=225 a $75 savings, you can split between you)

Register and then email me regarding your bonus friends payments via paypal to elena@evolvinghumanity.com

Click here if you know you’re going to love it and you want to sign up for a 4 month commitment to rocking your site!

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What will you get?

  • Love and support to know that your idea is a great one and will create revenue and fun for you!
  • Technical and design assistance in making your idea look as awesome as possible
  • Feedback from the group on your idea
  • Mid afternoon light snack and drinks
  • 4 hours of solid work on your project
  • 30 minutes of creative design/copywriting/sacred transformation ceremony time with me, whatever you need most this Wednesday!
  • Your idea launched into the world (Finally!!)
  • A frame work for creating sacredness to your work day.

I’ve been doing design for holistic and world changing entrepreneurs for 4 years now, and it’s amazing what is possible when you combine the sacred container of presence, with a great technical skill set, and your passion to change the world and create the business of your dreams! I am so honored and ready to support you in this, and I look forward to seeing you at the next WWW if you’re ready!!

Much Love


Queen of the World (and Canola)

ps. I’ve also hated my email, sworn at my wordpress site(like a LOT), and despised the way my site looked.  Learning how to bring the sacred into it, find that calm and love space for my technology has made a huge difference in how my workflow flows, and I also know what a difference it makes in having the courage to market yourself when you feel like the material you’re sharing with people ROCKS!

You’re ready to shine baby!!

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