What is the Art of Metaphor?

The human brain is wired for pattern recognition.  The universe provides our lessons in a small way, then a bigger way, then a bigger way, then the shit hits the fan, then someone ends up in hospital or with a heart broken.

The Art of Metaphor is about catching those lessons when they are small, making a habit of looking to understand yourself and your life daily, and in small ways.

I call those Eureka Moments, when everything makes sense, that’s when your brain connects that little pattern, to the bigger pattern.  So you suddenly understand why you always get so frustrated when you’re stuck in traffic, while you’re cooking eggs one morning.


The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.


By becoming more aware of how we do the little things, we have the power to make change, in those little things, and it has a cascading effect into the bigger and bigger and bigger things!


I’m not sure I get it?? Watch a couple of video’s of my own Metaphors, so you can see how it goes.

“a metaphor is something used to explain or describe something else”


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