"I contacted you originally to do a branding of myself as ai loved what I had seen of your work.
Every time I saw you, you were so out spoken and confident and I knew I needed that in myself.

I LOVED (as I still have every email) that you always were boosting me up! I could feel your excitement in the emails.

I am NOT good with daily plans, as well as the steps to get things done. You sent an email in exactly when you wanted me to do things and by when. You gave me the baby steps that I needed to be successful. In plain jot form but that is exactly how I work.

There was so much excitement and also tears in my emails. With the way you set things up with tasks and deadlines you made me feel like I could actually be successful with my business.

I know is I can spend 4hrs just trying to change information on a page ugh....so it was worth the value in how beautiful it turned out for me. "  Terri Salmond-Watson