Magnetic Message – Defining Success

Do you KNOW what success looks like to you?  A great way to do this in the short term, is to picture your next event, and then DEFINE what success there will look like for you.   Read through it, and then download an editable copy at the bottom! 


Creating amazing Live Events happens when you know what success LOOKS like. This worksheet will help you define the statement “In order to feel successful at this event I will experience the following results…”


External Success:
People attending will have this experience

People attending will tell their friends:

The people hosting will feel:
The people hosting will tell their friends:

Sales/Conversion Goals for this speaking Gig.   Define your Minimum # for breaking even, Expected, and Over the Top

Personal and Evolutionary: Internal Success

The number 1 thing I have to do to get out of my own way to make this event a huge success is:
The thing I am already doing REALLY well, is:

The Team Members I added to my team to make this happen:
My personal experience of creating this event will feel:


After the event is done I will tell my friends:



Dreaming Big!!!

Vision 3 Major “YES this is it, it’s working, I’m doing it” moments:
In a super magical world, this one OVER THE TOP thing would happen to show me I’m on SO on my path:

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