Magnetic Message – Positioning and Packaging your Business for Success

But what makes you SPECIAL?

What distinguishes you from the hundreds of other coaches, writers, healers, facilitators, or retreat creators?
What makes you unique.

In this module we get crystal clear on what it is that sets you apart, and craft it into terms your ideal client will just EAT UP.

This is also where if you are doing a VIP Upgrade we will get clear on your packaging. Because positioning yourself as the expert you are, and moving into selling VIP packages takes both strategy, the right words and ovaries. 🙂

What Is Positioning?

Positioning refers to an aspect of branding. The two are pretty close, in fact.
Think of it in terms of: “Where do you want to be positioned in the marketplace, compared to anything else out there?”
You’ll quickly spot from my questions that I’m a huge believer in being radically distinct.

How To Use The Questionnaire

Whether you’re using this for your own business, or you’re working through it with a client, just ask each question, and write down an answer that’s:

  • true,
  • complete,
  • and succinct

Don’t skip any questions! They’re likely to be the ones that will help you the most!
If you can do that, you’ll find that EVERY subsequent marketing decision becomes easier, because you’ll know who you are, where you want to go, and why.
If you don’t know those things, you may as well forget it.


  • What does your offering (product or service) let people do that they have struggled, or failed, to do in the past?
  • What does your offering give people that no other does?
  • If you had to rank the top 3 ways of solving the problem your offering addresses, what would they be, and where does your offering rank?
  • What do your competitors do that you don’t? (This is a question of focus)
  • What’s your “…est”? (e.g. biggest, fastest, nicest, friendliest, strongest, best…)
  • Does your offering have a short, unique, and catchy name?
  • Complete the sentence: “We are the only …………. that ……………….”


  • Do you have a starving crowd?
  • Who is your tribe – exactly – and what pain unites them?
  • What existing tribes are waiting to jump on your bandwagon?
  • Why will be people be your rabid fans?
  • What emerging trends does your offering reflect?
  • What movement is waiting for you to lead it?


  • Why do you love your offering? Why will your customers love it?
  • How do you (or will you) delight your customers?
  • If your revolution has a rallying cry, what is it?

Purpose and Vision

  • (Beyond making a profit) what’s your company’s core purpose?
  • Why do you do what you do? What specific future are you building?
  • What do you stand for? How will your customers know?
  • What do you stand against? (Think big.. who’s your Goliath?)
  • Where do you plan to be in 12 months’ time? How about 5 years’ time?


  • What do you aim to bury for ever? (Could be a competitor, or an old way of doing things.)
  • What’s the boldest claim you can make that no one else can?
  • How many direct competitors do you have? Name them. (Clear, blue ocean vs. red, bloody ocean.)
  • How would your customer value triangle look? (i.e. Cheap vs. Fast vs. Good; see below)

Ben’s Customer Value Triangle
In this example, the customer’s focus is mainly on quality, while delivering good value.
Speed of delivery plays almost no part in the balance of their offering.

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