Magnetic Message – Visual Branding Questions

Do you have a trademark? Something people always remember you for? For some it's a silly hat, a standout card, their message. We love Gorgeous Graphics, so we think that all Entrepreneurs should have a strong visual element that ties it together.

For some of you, you've already got this, we've got tips for how to bring more Authentic YOU to this.
For others, you'll have to figure out what exactly you're going to use to stand out, online and in person while you're networking.

Visual Branding Questions

What is the most important thing to you about the look of your new Logo/Website/Brand?
What colours do you see being in your logo?
Are there any specific images you’d like to incorporate?
What is your favorite place? (link to pictures are welcome)
As far as you know, what would you like your logo to look like??
If you have any concepts or ideas, this is the space to share them. (Are you envisioning more of a text or image based logo?) Rough sketches, ideas, words, examples are all welcome. And some people say “I’m not a very visiual person, I don’t know” and that’s true for them and perfect.
What ideas or concepts does your business represent?
What ideas or concepts is your business against?
What you Like
Go on the web, and search for what it is you’re planning on offering. From those sites, choose 3 you love, and 1 you don’t. Provide the links and a detailed description of what it is that you like and don’t like about each site.

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