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What if you could Magnetize the people who MOST benefit from your work? 

All while working less, serving more, and having the finances to live the life of your dreams.  

So you've got your business started, you know you're on a mission to change the world.

AND you don't have enough clients,
OR the clients you do have aren't paying you enough,
OR you're working WAY too much... 

We've been there.  It's the toughest thing in the world, because your SOUL just won't let you QUIT.   Not now.

You're a change agent, a workshop leader, a coach, a visionary.

You've been running your business for a while now, and you LOVE it.  It gives meaning to your life, and the deep and powerful work of helping others change their lives in leaps and bounds thrills you beyond compare.  There's nothing like it, and it's what you live for.  Your Destiny, your Dharma, your path, and your life's work. It's why you came to be on earth in this time and place.  And you are freaking AMAZING at it (and humble too, wow).

You know that what you teach is life changing.
Your clients rave about your work, and you're already pretty savvy
with the ins and outs of your website, newsletter, social media and business.

After all, you've gotten this far on your own. 

The most important thing you can do EVER for your business, is to know what your "Cash Machine Formula". aka, how you meet clients, and sign them up with YOUR Magnetic Message so that you can feel confident in whatever YOUR NEXT STEP is.  Whether that's cutting back your "work" hours, hiring an assistant, or just knowing you'll be okay financially (or stress wise!) month to month.  

Once you've got that solid, THEN we can talk about the transition to a full time digital nomad adventure, living your destiny, traveling the world! 

You are already on the right track of networking into coffee dates (especially if you enjoy it), but how many of these people are turning into clients?  
If you're average, you should be converting 10-20% of them.  But with the right messaging, you can get 60-90% of those dates converting in to clients.

But you're not sure what to say, you bung up on the sales part of the conversation, or you just end up having some great conversations with people who just never end up buying. You need to get clear on your Magnetic Message!

We have the answer.  In this 5-module course, we will help you get clear on HOW you need to talk to prospects, what it is that makes you someone they will pay to work with, and how to write your marketing copy for your new posters/homepage when they are created.

It includes 5 worksheets, videos to go along with each of them, to give you the low down on WHY this is so important.  This will help you get clear on the words, your vision, and everything you need to create cash flow and be of great service in your business.

Module 1 - Your Ideal Client

This is an exercise on CLARITY and MANIFESTATION.  You may have done ideal client exercises before, but never like this.   We go deep into who your ideal client is, and when you know who you are talking to, when you are crystal clear in your ideal client, to the point of being able to conjure them into existence in your mind, you manifest them in real time, just as fast.  We help you get super clear on WHO you help, and how you help them! 

Module 2 - Positioning Your Business For Success

Packaging Your Magnetic Message

But what makes you SPECIAL? What distinguishes you from the hundreds of other coaches, writers, healers, facilitators, or retreat creators?  What makes you unique?

In this module we get crystal clear on what it is that sets you apart, and craft it into terms your ideal client will just EAT UP. This is also where we get clear on your packaging.  Because positioning yourself as the expert you are, and moving into selling VIP packages takes both strategy, the right words and ovaries.  🙂 

It's Time to Meet, Wow and  Convert Some New Clients!

We want to get you OUT into the world.  So you have homework after this week where you have to actually GO OUT AND TALK TO NEW PEOPLE, or call current clients and invite them into your new creation.  To support you in that, we've created this BONUS module.  

BONUS - Networking For 10x The Clients Every Time

95% of entrepreneurs network WRONG. We address the root causes, how to do it better, and how to do it BEST. This bonus module on networking success is worth its weight in GOLD.  These 3 secrets will have you be a powerhouse of referrals, clients, and magnetism at your next networking event. You'll get scripts to customize and practice, homework on where to find these new ideal clients, and keep track of your networking endeavors, so you know when you are achieving better results! Plus we'll give you a simple script for how not to VOMIT your business on people at networking events, while getting even more clients.

Module 3 - How Do You Show Up? Your Visual Brand

Do you have a trademark? Something people always remember you for?  For some it's a silly hat, a standout card, their message.  We love Gorgeous Graphics, so we think that all Entrepreneurs should have a strong visual element that ties it together.  For some of you, you've already got this, we've got tips for how to bring more Authentic YOU to this.  For others, you'll have to figure out what exactly you're going to use to stand out, online and in person while you're networking.  

Module 4 - Where Are You Going? Your Indulgent Why? 

Did you want to live on the beach? Travel year round? Only work 12 days a month, have money rolling in constantly?  What a life where you completely follow your intuition, do what you LOVE, transform the hearts of millions, get invited on Oprah for your Keynote Speech? Achieve New York Times Bestseller? 

In this module we talk about WHY you do what you are doing, and how to use that to keep you going through the doubt and fear.  This is the fuel source for your success.  We'll also address the 3 most common self-sabotage techniques and how to beat them for good.    

Module 5 - Sales Funnels, Systems and Automation

So by this part of the course, you've manifested a few VIP clients, or a slough of new offers for work, and you're not quite sure how to handle it all.  We go in depth about the online systems you can create to help you get out of the way of the huge success your business is being launched into.  This is also where you can get information about hiring your first team member, and the Marketing Checklist, that highlights which systems you want to put in place FIRST for maximum return on investment. 


We want you to be 111% happy with this course, so happy you recommend it to all of your Evolutionary Entrepreneur friends.  We give you 2 months access to the entire course, all the materials, and all the upgrades that come along. 

Your Next Level of Impact, Ease and Income is Waiting For You

Everything you need to step into your next level of income is included in this course.  We've walked hundreds of entrepreneurs through this 5 Step Program, and it's the very same process we use with our VIP Branding clients to help them get clear on their most powerful message.  We know you'll love the results you get from it.   


If you've bought eCourses before and let them sit on your shelf, keep reading below for our solution to that.   

For those of you who are wanting more support...

We are offering a limited time VIP Upgrade.  It includes everything you've got for the kit, AND 6 hours of Elena's time one on one.
After you've completed the kit, you will send it in, and be given a link to schedule a time for our VIP Day

We do a 4 hours FUNtensive,  We review your homework, use my intuition and marketing knowledge to get even clearer on your optimal path to success, and the packages to offer your work to the world.  We go over EVERYTHING and create your highest and most profitable path of business.  

By the time we are done our time that day, we will have outlined a plan for you getting your networking homework done, and first clients landed.  After you've gone out to the world and practiced/landed some new clients, we'll do 2 follow up calls, review and tweak what you need to change to get even MORE success in your marketing and conversion.  So you can make a HUGE difference in the lives of those you came here to serve.

The VIP Upgrade Includes:

      • 1 on 1 support with getting really clear on your complete message.
      • 3  follow up sessions with Elena to Practice your Message, Repeat the Invite and Sale,  and Anchor your Commitment to your Path. 
      • 1 where we go over your answers, and refine your Magnetic Message, and practice your delivery.
      • Then a second call 2-4 weeks later (depends on how quickly you complete your networking homework), to help refine your invite/sales process, and to answer any questions you may have about selling, conversions to paying clients, your packages, or process any inner shadows that came up for you during the experience.
      • Because I care a TON about your success, we do a 2 month follow-up call.  This is like your scheduled UPGRADE.  Expect that your message will get even clearer and more powerful flow at this point.  We will go over how your new Magnetic Message has served you, help you gain perspective on the results you've already gotten (Gratitude is key to success!) and refine the whole thing a little more.  UpLevel Time!
      • Our Business Marketing Checkup (a detailed review of where/how you can improve any leaks in your sales funnel) (Value $225)

$3000 $1650

Click the purchase button below, and you will get instant access to the online portal and worksheets right away. This is designed to get you clear, Magnetic, and selling your new package as soon as possible. 

Look forward to seeing you blossom, and be able to let that overworked, overwhelmed, and stressful day go!

Much Love,

Your Next Level of Impact, Ease and Income is Waiting For You

Everything you need to step into your next level of income is included in this course.  We've walked hundreds of entrepreneurs through this 5 Step Program, and it's the very same process we use with our VIP Branding clients to help them get clear on their most powerful message.  We know you'll love the results you get from it. 


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