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Elena Harder 
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If you know other people who are out to do good in the world, make change, and rattle some old cages.  We would LOVE to help them.  If you know entrepreneurs who are passionate about their contribution to the world, and growing their businesses please be the bridge, and connect us.

As my way of extending the invitation, I've created this gift certificate, which you can pass on to your friends when they need us!   The certificate is good for $100 of any service or product that Evolving Humanity offers. 

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I want to make this as easy as possible for you, so I've included some "Feeder text" you can just copy and paste as an introduction to the gift certificate, post on facebook, or make it your and  edit to your hearts desire!

Hey Friend!

I've recently gotten a makeover for my website with Elena of Evolving Humanity by Design. I've loved working with her, and I'm so pleased with my new site. She's so excited to be working with people like you and I, that she's given me this $100 gift certificate to pass on to my favorite people (that's you!) You can check out her site and get your $100 over at EvolvingHumanity.com/hun


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