Our Mission

"To empower and support the creation of profitable, joyful business that make a positive difference in the evolution of humanity."

Deep support for change agents & visionaries.

I have a dream...

That one day, every single person on the planet
will wake up and feel THRILLED about what awaits them today.

I have a dream that one day, each person will be employed at their soul purpose, their passion in life, the thing that make them MOST excited to be alive and here.  

I have a dream that the inefficiencies and bureaucracies of the world will be replace with streamlined systems that adapt and change to the changing needs of the planet.  

I have a dream of a symbiotic relationship between technology and man, that raises the consciousness of all.  

I have a dream of automation of all repetitive tasks, freeing humans to their natural birthright as creators of brilliant ideas.  

I have a dream that we will have MORE leisure time, and better relationships with those that matter to us.  

I have a dream that it will be easy to spend time admiring and being nurtured and nurturing our natural surroundings on a daily basis. 

I have a dream of teams of people working together to be more than the sum of their parts, to create breakthroughs un-imaginable to their forefathers.

I have a dream that every person on the planet will feel safe to express the fullness of who they are.  I have a dream that we will celebrate our differences and our sameness.  

I have a dream that we will share LOVE, appreciation, laughter and touch with abundance between all peoples.  I have a dream.  

I have a dream that self expression will be celebrated, that creativity and exploration of uncharted waters will be normal.  

I have a dream of people who support each other to grow beyond their patterns of behaviour, to relinquish the struggle of their egos, and to step into being whole, present, and human in each moment.

I have already seen much of this come to pass.  So it is to be... All of this, and something better.  And so it is. 

A Different Kind of Marketing Company

We know that to be successful in business, you need a combination of two things.  The outer systems that make your life easy, and the inner work, to get you out of your own way.  We have a unique approach in that we work with our clients on both the Outer (Systems) and Inner (Self Inquiry) of what it takes to really live your dream business. 

The Outer Work

  • Lack of a Plan.  Not knowing how (or what) you need to do next.
  • Inefficient Follow Up Systems.  Follow up that never happens, leads that never hear from you.  That's just the start.  Autoresponders are your friend. 
  • No Loyalty/Affiliate Program.  Your clients want to be raving fans.  You can make it easy for them, and 3x or 10x your client base in a month. 
  • Ugly out of date Websites.  The last time you updated your site was...... ummm.  It no longer covers what you offer, and it's creating shame that stops you from talking to people. 
  • HTML, CSS, Code in general.  WordPress has a WYSIWYG editor my ass!  You're a visionary, get out from behind your laptop. 
  • No Backups of crucial data.  No backup plan if your laptop fails.
  • Magnetic Marketing Materials.  You know what you sell, how, and who to.
  • Sabotaging Closing the Sale.   For whatever reason, your not converting the way you want to.  Let's troubleshoot it. 
  • Sending Emails by Hand.  If you have to send it more than once, you can have a template.  If you have to send it more than 5 times, you can automate it. 
  • SEO.  You're creating content, but it doesn't rank on google, and it's not being seen.
  • Content Creation.  For some reason this is a struggle for you.  Let us get on skype once a month and gather your best gems, turn them into marketing materials, and automate distribution.
  • Automating Social Sharing. If you're spending more than 1 hour on FaceBook daily, it could be done better.  We have simple tricks and tools to get you efficient and converting on social media.

The Inner Work

  • Isolation. Not knowing how (or who) to ask for help.
  • Self Doubt. Despite all you’ve accomplished, you still sometimes feel like a fraud (the #1 fear of coaches, speakers and authors)
  • Inner Upper Limits. Who am I to be living my life like this? I don’t deserve….
  • Self Sabotage. The words, stories and actions (or inaction) you take that limit your ability to reach your potential
  • F*cking WordPress. Feeling drained working on your site and that piece of text that just WON’T do what I want it to do.
  • Fearing the Team. You’ve been burned by the headache of interacting with overseas Indian VA’s, repeating yourself 5 times, and feeling like you could have done it faster, better, cheaper yourself. Or on the flip side, paying through the nose for US currency conversions you didn’t budget for, time and time again.
  • I would have.. but… Showing up less polished and professional than you want because you just didn’t have the time to do it all.
  • Burn the Witch. Whether you were burned up in a past life, or bullied as a kid. Standing out above the crowd has it’s dangers. If that past life keeps haunting you, or your childhood fears keep gnawing at your ability to succeed, we can help. 
  • Adrenal Burn Out. Implementing that jaw dropingly brilliant launch you conceptualized 6 months ago, left you curled up in a ball on the floor, wondering why you ever decided to leave that cushy $100,000 a year job.
  • It Just Drains Me. Doing things you don’t love, (especially as a leading edge change agent) leaves you burned out and exhausted, which not only drains you, but takes away from what you have to give your clients, your business, yourself, and your family.

We believe that the planet is undergoing a dramatic change.

A wave of conscious high level energy is sweeping through the planet, and it’s causing humanity to wake up, to look inside, to question why and how we have been doing things, and to find a better answer.  Organic food, walkable lifestyles, personal development and the evolution of human potential are here to stay (thank God!)  For those of us on the leading edge, it’s our job, our duty, our dharma, to lead the way, to pave the path, to share the wisdom (oh so painfully earned) with those who are struggling with the same things we used to struggle with.

Your souls came down for a reason, with a clear path, and a message for the rest of humanity.

The light and passion and fire that burns behind your message is something that is completely unique to you.  You are the one here at this time and place to bring your message forth, for the benefit of all humankind.

It is YOUR time to shine your light,
brighter than ever before.

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