Are you playing the “I’m Stuck” game? :(

I’m not stuck.. I’m just playing the “stuck game”.. There’s a difference!

I realized it’s very easy for me to see that I’m playing the game of life when I’m having fun.  Playing with my son, playing while I walk with my friends, playing at self development.  All of the “fun” things I do or say, can be put into the context of a game for me.  When everything is going “well” life seems like one big game to me!

And then I get STUCK… AHH.. not the S word!  I don’t want to be stuck, I hate being stuck.  I’m ALWAYS stuck! If this person would just change then I could be Unstuck!  But alas, I’m stuck again!



Suddenly, It doesn’t feel so much like a game!  But what if it was a game? What if you were playing the stuck game?  And as kids when we don’t like the game we’re playing?? We pick up and play a different one!

So.. With your multitude bag of tricks, all the different modalities I’ve learned, all the different people I know who could walk me through a process, and get me feeling better.   Or just the power of a simple breath.  Breathing is SO powerful in changing our moods, and combine it with intentional emotional thought,

you can change most moods in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Yet we don’t.  Again and again I find myself in these “stuck” places, and find myself staying in them, judging myself for staying in them, and then making a huge drama out of the “stuck-ness”.


Why do I keep doing this??

Well what I came up with is.  I like playing the stuck game.  It gives my life a nice variety.  I also enjoy the victim game, the martyr game, the poor me game, the repressed anger game, the silent game and the smart ass game.  Every once and a while (okay, more often than I’d like to admit) I play the “do something just to piss someone off” game.

And what I’ve realized is.  It’s all just a game.  I play the “bad” ones for variety.  When I get sick of them, I can go play the good ones.

It’s easy to switch (that’s what the modalities are for) and there’s nothing WRONG with playing the stuck game.  The only thing “wrong” with playing the stuck game, is that I get mad at myself for staying there (which means I’m forgetting that I’m playing a game.)

Remember. It’s all a game.  You can’t get it wrong.  You came here to play, and to experience, and to change and to choose and to experience more, and to choose again. 

So I’ll play in the drama.  Play in the heartache and the hurt, and when I’m  done with that I’ll go play the hero game, or the saint game or the happy puppy game, or the great mother game.

So,  whatever you are feeling, whatever game you are playing.  Give yourself permission to play it.  And then see what happens.


Until next time!



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