Is your story Worthy of Sharing?

Of course it is!  Speak your truth.

I was chatting with a friend today about blogging, and wanting to share our story. She had several amazing stories about how her personal struggle and overcoming it has allowed her to share and inspire other people. She’s even written a book about it, and is still feeling hesitant.

The beauty of the internet is that we’re able to put ourselves out there, and the people who are going through exactly the same thing, are able to find us, across the world! It’s the ulimate connector.  People say, I’ve got nothing worth saying in a Blog.  Of course you do!   And if your story touched YOU, it’s going to touch someone else, and probably help them not go through the same mistakes you did.  THE Greatest thing we can do, is share the learning from our “mistakes”, because, well, we didn’t know there was a better way going in!

Thud.  Full stop, “my story isn’t special.. no one would want to read it”

What is the gift in feeling our story is not worthy of sharing with the world? What is the gift in feeling not worthy of notice?

The gift for me there, is that as a result of not feeling worthy, I have always strived for more. I’ve lived dozens of different lives in my 24 years, each of them different and new. I’ve explored every option that I thought looked fun, and searched for every way I could find to be more than I am, to be better than I am. to be always learning and growing. It’s amazing to think where I would be if I had felt that I was good enough exactly where I was. Would I grow? I think to recognize the beauty in this striving is SO important to self love, to self actualization, and to knowing and loving our whole selves.

Now that I realize that I often feel that what I am doing is not worthy of praise, recognition, or reward. When I feel that feeling of unworthiness, shyness etc, I know now that it is a growth edge, to recognize it and to push through it. When I push trough, well.. amazing things happen!! I grow! I inspire others to grow, and

I find a new vantage point from which to ask.. “what now!??”

I don’t think that I will ever loose that feeling of “must be better than I am now” nor do I want to now! It’s ME! and it’s part of what makes me so amazing, that I’m always looking for more!

Thanks for letting me share. I love love love feedback, so…

send me a 3 word email to let me know what you thought, it’ll make my day!

Or pass it along to a friend who needs to know that they are perfect, and growing, just the way they are.