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Joyous Creators, Welcome to a new moment of expansion.

I ask you to suspend disbelief for the duration of this email, and ask yourself if it is possible to purely integrate what you are about to read.  Can you listen in pure open expectation, and allow this change within you?  This email reaches you today because you are ready for the information it contains, because you have been asking to hear what is about to be said.  You are completely ready.

We begin, with the breath.  One … Two…  Three… Relaxing with each one into a beingness of receptivity.

In each moment I am complete.  I begin to see how I embrace and adore my creations, I begin to fully understand that each of my creations is my own, and mine solely. I know that within this independent creation there are many layers of relationship and relating. In each relationship I am brought more clearly into focus. In each relationship I am shown an aspect (or many) of myself, on which I desire clarity, grace, strength and improvement.

I am open to receive this clarification, and to see others as an opportunity to improve/change myself.  I can do this within the context of relationship, if I am completely open to this change.

I have been working lately with my two closest relationships.  The relationship between Derek and myself, and my relationship between me and myself.  In each moment I ask for clarity, for ease, for love.  In each moment I struggle with the idea of freedom, where does my freedom end, and his creation begin? Where is the line between him and I, are we two sides of a coin, one expressing frustration, and the other expressing inaction, struggling to create a reality that brings light and love.  Is my frustration mirrored in him?  If I could let it go, would he also let it go? Is my impatience making it worse?  How can I truly get into a state of acceptance and love?  Will I find a way to let this go? When will I find a way?  Why is it taking so long?  AGGG!

And a moment of clarity comes when we truly internalize that we are either in love, or fear.  In every moment I am either in love or fear.  Which do I choose??? I choose love!

In every thought I have a choice between fear or love.  Which do I embrace in this moment??

I choose love!

In every action I am either expressing love or fear.  Which do I express and bring into the world???

I choose love!

In every action that I take, I choose love!  In every moment that I express myself to others, I believe that an expression of love is mine to share. In each minute of each day, I find a way to see love. I love all my creations, when I find a way to love all my creations, my creations are beautiful, no matter what.

A crying man sits before me, and I am in love with the situation, my heart pours out to him, thanking him for the courage to be so vulnerable, and for letting himself be in this moment. I choose love.

I ask every day for ways to learn and love myself more and more.  As I love myself more, I am capable of loving others more. I am the universe, the whole of creation, all horizons are within my realm of creation.  I am everything within that sphere.  When I love myself I heal myself, when I love myself, I choose love.  When I heal myself, I heal my family and all those I touch. When I find love for myself in moments of sorrow I am empowered.  When I find love for others in moments of their anger, I am empowering them, holding the vision of their being in love.

When I express love in every action of my soul, I create a world where love reigns supreme.  I create myself, ever expanding in love! What a dream and what a reality.  What a beauteous thing.

I create myself, in ever expanding love.  (everyone write that down someplace you see it every day, the power in it is incredible)

I embrace each moment.

So to practicalities.  We see so many facets of ourselves within intimate relationships, we see so many flaws and things that could be better within the other person.

Let us open up to create true conscious relationships.  Let us find a way to bridge the gap between judgement and love.  In our relationships we have THE most powerful tool to transform ourselves.  Every person we meet has something to share with us.

When we accept others, we also learn to accept ourselves.  (I pulled a “inspiration” card from a deck last week, and it says

“I accept all the parts of myself”  and my reaction was “fuck! I know! .. I know I know.. (with resentment), I get it, that’s my lesson, when I get that, it will all work out… I get it intellectually, when will I get it intuitively, when will it integrate into myself??)  (the answer to that is of course, as soon as I let go and let it.)

Find one thing (big or small doesn’t change your bravery at all, just looking is the most important step).  Find one thing in someone that drives you nuts.  And then REALLY truly look to see how that is a part of you.  Then accept yourself for your creation, and for being in that way, accept yourself as you are.  You are complete and whole and beautiful.  Just the way you are!

I accept all the parts of myself.  I choose love!

This week I realised that in order to change my partner I had to allow him to change.  I had to open myself up to the possibility of change. I had to open myself to the hope and expectation of change.  I had to open myself to receive all the things that I had been moaning about not receiving for so long.  Only then can MY REALITY change.  I open myself to receive the support and adoration I know I deserve.  I open myself to receive the attention and pleasure that I desire.  I open myself to the possibility of a partner who is on the leading edge of creation, I open myself to receive a partner who is constantly looking for improvement of self.   And at the same time. I commit myself to giving myself the support and adoration I know I deserve.  I commit myself to giving myself the pleasure and attention that I desire.  I commit myself to being a person on the leading edge of creation.  I commit myself to constant, never ending improvement of my being.

And so is the fine line between freedom, independence, ability to create our own reality and be masters of our own destinies and our intense mirroring in our relationships with each other.

This line is drawn here, you create your own reality, others have influence in your creation as much as you allow your fear to allow them.

To co-create most positively, you are open to receive, and you commit to change in yourself, to be the thing you desire.

This one is a huge one.  This one understanding has the power to change everything.

Please ask if you feel you would benefit from specific wording for YOUR issue, I would be glowingly happy to provide.

In love and Light,

Your messenger,

Elena H

Artist, Catalyst and Joy Creator

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