Pondering the Place of Technology

Hello Beautifuls!

Watch the Latest Art of Metaphor (Getting STUCK in traffic and how it relates to the rest of your life)  http://youtu.be/UedL6xYoRHw

SO… Many great things happened this week.. Father’s day.. Driving.  Painting with Water! Pondering the meaning of technology in our lives!   Read on intrepid adventurerrersss..

Alexander Degreat

Alex Art moment with feet and water on the hot tub lid.  🙂 Alexander DeGreat Pushing the boundaries.. As all 2.5 year olds will do…Alexander Degreat

Where did he go??? Oh oh.. (actually he’s fine, I just thought the photo was funny)

Alexander Degreat and Elena Harder Happy Mama and Babe hanging out!

Alexander Degreat n Oma

I Love being part of a Family.. It’s so wonderful to watch kids and grandparents play together.. Alexander Degreat Sleeping Sleeping Alex on our Father’s Day Drive.  I took the opportunity to do Magic Hands Meditation while someone else drove.. And it was AMAZING to see that I could still feel the energy currents running between my hands EVEN THOUGH there was HUGE amounts of wind flying around in the back seat.  It was a really cool experience for SURE!

Elena Harder the Art of Metaphor


Oh yes.  Crazy Hair was had.. It made me ponder how “used to” things humans can be, and how quickly it happens.  Like how we can get SO used to having lots of little pieces of stuff clouding our vision, and whipping us in the face (aka my hair in the back seat of a convertible, and/or the strange self defeating beliefs that frame our lives)


Flip Flop meets Snow

Flip Flops.. Meet Snow… Snow.. Flip Flops..

We had a grand snowball fight, with lots of giggling and laughing.  And I managed to get hit the least by snowballs (except maybe alex).  And then later, I had to put his hands in my armpits to warm them up.  So cute! (that’s why we have two armpits don’t cha know.. so we can warm up 2 baby hands at the same time)

Alexander Degreat

Alex’s First snowball fight.  At Highwood Pass Fathers Day 2013

Alexander Degreat

 Remember to Play Safe!!


Elena Harder the Art of Metaphor

There were some really interesting things that came up this week around Technology.

First First.. All of these moments, in fact this entire experience, brought to you long distance by… Technology..

First. Google Glass.   Was presented to me as a CONCEPT 2 weeks ago (okay I’m a bit out of touch).. Then I realized they had actually made them.  I was a bit horrified at the concept of wearing a computer on my head.   Then I saw a video of how it would change the way people interact with their technology, and I smiled.  Because I’ve hated the heads down staring at your hand iphone trend.. The taking your eyes away from the world.  Now we can interface seemingly seemlessly with our technology.  We are already Cyborgs. 

Second.  A personal story.  I once spent 4 days planting a field of corn with 40 other people in knee deep mud.  It was back breaking, I lost my shoes in the mud and couldn’t get them back, so I kept working barefoot.  After 4 days, the field was almost dry, the job was done, and we all swore we would never plant corn again.  A couple weeks later I watched a combine tractor go down a similar feild, and asked what it was doing.  They said “Oh, that’s how we normally plant corn, but the ground was too wet for the tractor, so we did it the old fashioned way.”

Let’s look at the math..  8 hours x 40 people x 4 days = 1280 HOURS of labor.  And I watched a machine plant the same field in less than 20 minutes.  Okay.. That is progress. especially to my (historical) aching back! 


Third.  The 3D printer revolution is expanding to FOOD.. Yes.. http://www.zdnet.com/what-if-you-could-just-3d-print-a-slice-of-pizza-nasa-wants-to-know-7000015984/  We are now pondering real life Replicators (yes like from star trek).

And at the same time, I hold dear to me, people who have chosen a path of back to the land, permaculture, radical self-reliance.  That we can have people on the planet that could download their food off the internet and print it at home, and people who dig their hands into the earth for months, of watering and caring for plants to see them grow to fruition, and enjoying them.  That this same planet can hold both, can offer us both options, blows my mind!!

A moment of awe, at the power of our choices!

Fourth.  I watched a talk about how the quality of life for people with blue collar jobs has steadily decreased over the last 40 years, and that those jobs are consistantly being replaced with techological labour.  And that this is to our betterment.  So that humans can return to the space of scholar, champion, artist, conceptualist.  Using our “highly evolved” brain, our literal creation of collective consciousness (the internet), as a tool, rather than a captor to these funky computer things…
So the future is upon us.  The question is how do we approach it consciously.. how do we weave our lives amongst the options, and choose as a whole (or as seems to be more accurate “as a myriad of microcultures”) how we live our lives, and in which way we choose to feed, and interact with the world.

I know that since harnessing the power of my phone as a WOC (Weapon of Consciousness) to remind me to be a better human being, to take time to play, to be, to enjoy the pleasures of life, to micro-meditate.  Life’s gotten better.. 🙂  And at the same time.. Remember to Garden.. It feels SO good!

Ps. One of the ways I integrate technology into feeling awesome about life and living a richer life is my 30 Day I love you Challenge.  It’s free, and I’d LOVE for you to join us..

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